A proactive new
approach to improving student connectedness.

Trust Mapping provides schools with a tool to proactively understand the social connectedness of students, identifying issues before they become problematic.

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Bullying and social connectedness issues can often hinder students in their learning.

A positive school environment creates an optimal setting for teaching and learning. To achieve this it is necessary to foster caring relationships among all members of the school community. At the heart of these relationships are student to student interactions. School is the primary social structure for children. When supported by a positive culture students are encouraged to communicate openly and understand that bullying, harassment and violence are not tolerated. As a result these students will have increased personal wellbeing and an increased likelihood of success academically.

“When students feel connected to their learning environment, the outcomes inevitably improve.”

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Complex insights are gained from a simple survey

Trust Mapping is executed via a simple five to ten minute multiple choice survey. Students are asked to allocate each peer in their class to one of five simple categories relating to how they see their relationship with them.


Meaningful data is collected and analysed

Gathering and processing this data provides statistics and graphs which provide a snapshot and—over time— trends relating to individual and overall class connectedness.


A proactive plan is made

The digested data provides an objective basis by which consultation between teachers and welfare staff can lead to focused attention where most needed to develop good connectedness for individuals and the cohort.

The speed at which the Trust Mapping survey is conducted is highly advantageous. Most surveys are onerous and time consuming which leads to inaccuracy in student responses.

Dr. Brigitta Stevens
Organisational Psychologist


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